Episode 10: Introducing The Unmarried Wife

Or Listen on iTunes! In this drama-filled episode, we present Part One of The Unmarried Wife, sponsored by Lady Esther's face powder! We also learn arcane facts about “Tragic Wedding Nights” from the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex. Gather round to hear the tales! SHOW NOTES 00:00      Intro with Divertimento, Op 22 - II Capriccio by Joseph … Continue reading Episode 10: Introducing The Unmarried Wife

Episode 5: O! Where it’s Fun to be Old!

This week we read about the budding new vacation hotspot, Miami— and the beginning of the Florida boom. And of course, we continue our exploration of advertising and the various items people were buying back in the 1950s. From Chesterfield cigarettes and baby bottle nipples to olive tablets and Super Lasteen lipstick, this episode has it all! Scroll down for … Continue reading Episode 5: O! Where it’s Fun to be Old!

Episode 4: Propaganda is Everywhere

Welcome back to The Magazine Show, where we delve into the delightful, quaint world of once-upon-a-time magazines and culture, bringing you insight into another era. Meet Benjamin Franklin's brother Roy, be amused at some advertisements, and finally, hear the chilling tale of Ceramic Pete, an accidental arsonist. Scroll down for our usual show notes, and below those you'll find … Continue reading Episode 4: Propaganda is Everywhere