Episode 12: Denouement: The Unmarried Wife

In which we treat you to the dramatic conclusion of our serial story, The Unmarried Wife. This episode also concludes Season One of The Magazine Show. We hope you’ve enjoyed listening as much as we’ve enjoyed making this podcast! Stay tuned for future projects.


00:00      Intro with acoustic interlude by Gerard, our patron saint of audio gear
00:34     Our sponsor, Morton Beef Pot Pie
01:16     Previously on “The Unmarried Wife”
01:33     Part Three of “The Unmarried Wife”
12:18     A word from our Sponsors: Herb Ox and Tobasco
16:45     The exciting conclusion of “The Unmarried Wife”
27:35     Outro and End of Season One of The Magazine Show
28:19     Bravo pour le Clown by Edith Piaf

Total runtime: 31:20

This episode of TMS was recorded at Sunset Studio, and edited at the Museum by Liz. TMS is produced by Liz and James. Recording equipment generously provided by Gerard. Images are the property of their owners.


Cover from the issue of True Confessions containing “The Unmarried Wife”


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