Episode 9: What’s Your Cult of Choice?

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In which we explore some leading cults in the Cult Industry, and the mythos surrounding them; hear a bit about about MAGA Bonds; and review both William Gaddis’ J R and Bret Easton Ellis’ The Deleted. We also begin to explore the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex. Somehow, it all connects. Super fun times!


00:00     Intro with President Bill Clinton playing sax on The Arsenio Hall Show, 1992
00:37     Shout-outs (Shouts-out?) to our reviewers!
01:53     We Stand Tall — Original Scientology leak
02:09     Rosicrucians ad
07:14     MiLord by Edith Piaf
07:54     AIQY Secret Code ad
13:20     Siegfried’s Funeral Music by Richard Wagner performed by George Szell, Cleveland Orchestra
13:48     A message from Stephen Bannon: MAGA Bonds
15:01     Promotion of War Bonds clip
15:18     J R book review
16:37     Jimmy Crack Corn (1952)
17:02     The Deleted review
22:41     Tonight by The Go Go’s
23:08     Johnson’s Jubilee Wax ad
24:08     MAGA Bonds: Make America Great Again!
24:30     Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, by Cyndi Lauper
24:47     Oh! It was Boric Acid in the douche!
25:50    The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex: diagrams
30:40     Beverly Hills 90210 Season 4 theme
30:51     Outro with Come To Me by Brad Fiedel (Fright Night Vocal Theme Version)

Total runtime: 32:06

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This episode of TMS was recorded at Sunset Studio, and edited at the Museum by Liz and James. TMS is produced by Liz and James. Recording equipment generously provided by Gerard. Images are the property of their owners.


Rosicrucians ad

Ben Franklin, Rosicrucian

AIQY secret code

War Bond: MAGA Bond

The Deleted show poster

Jubilee Wax ad

DwWitt's (boric acid) Douche!

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex: Vagina

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex: Penis!

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex: Cocks


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