Episode 8: So Sweet to Come Home to

In this episode we explore the Easter issue of Family Circle from 1953, and learn that Cat Pictures have been a thing for a very long time.


00:00     Intro with Capriccio in E major, by Johann Sebastian Bach performed by Papalin
00:28     Fun-Filled Toilet Tissue ad
01:50     I’m Waiting for the Day intro, by the Beach Boys
02:13     Family Circle! Ad for Skinless Franks
03:52     Private Caller, by Saint Pepsi
04:06     Trump, twitter, and ties
05:15     Trumpet Tune by Jeremiah Clarke performed by Michel Rondeau – Aline Legendre
05:50     Cat-O-Graphs picture book ad
06:47     The Crying Game, by Boy George
07:23     Are You Killing Your Husband with Kindness?
11:32    Common People, by Pulp
12:29     Recipes and Food
14:38    In the Jail House Now, by Blake Nelson
15:02     Shout-out to listener, Alyssa, for a dope review
16:10     That’s Not My Name, by the Ting Tings
16:46     Pard dog food ad
18:59     The Grind, by Justin Mahar
19:08     Zonite feminine cleanliness ad
24:31     Pointillism, by Denis Pisarevsky
24:46     Donald Trump is president
25:31     The Grind, by Justin Mahar

Total runtime: 26:20

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This episode of TMS was recorded at Sunset Studio, and edited at the Museum by Liz and James. TMS is produced by Liz and James. Recording equipment generously provided by Gerard. Images are the property of their owners.


Family Circle magazine


Skinless franks


Rye Crisp

Easter Glory Cake


Finast Corn

Pard dog food ad

Zonite douche




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