Episode 3: I Can Hypnotize Your Friends

Welcome to another episode of The Magazine Show! This week you’ll learn about the power of hypnotism, the embarrassment of the girl who needs Mum, and all about the the exciting career of being a Meat Cutter! And so much more.

Below are show notes, and follow along with us with the photos of advertisements and images below those.

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00:00      Intro
00:40      “The Girl who needs Mum” ad
02:10      High-Potency capsules
07:58      Meat Cutting ad
11:10      Laminating business ad
13.00       “I can Hypnotize Your Friends” ad
17:47      Shoe Salesman ad
19:54      “A Rogue’s Gallery of Notorious Hoodlums” story
22:55      “Why I Switched to Meds” tampon ad
26:56      Inflatable dinosaurs ad

Total runtime: 28:03

This episode of TMS was recorded at Sunset Studio by Liz and James, and edited at the Museum by Liz. TMS is produced by Liz and James. Recording equipment generously provided by Gerard. Images are the property of their owners.







Shoe sales ad

inflatable dinosaurs ad



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