Episode 1: The Sense of an Era

Welcome to the companion blog post to our inaugural episode of The Magazine Show. (Not to be confused with Episode 2: Inauguration Day Special!) Here we share images of ads and stories we read in the podcast. Below are our show notes, followed by photos of some of the amazing ads and stories we touched on.

In episode 01, You’ll learn how to get started in an accountancy career, learn about male climacteric, possibly learn the answer to “How chaste are American girls?”— and so much more!

Show Notes

00:00      Intro
01.13       Accountancy Career ad
06:40     Gender discussion
08:49     Male Climacteric: Vitality Pills ad
10:20      Suppressed Headlines
10:50      Tranquilizer pills ad
18:10      Shhhhhh It’s Suppressed—Massage parlors
18:52      Advertisements: the sense of an Era
19:35      “How Chaste are American Girls?” story
21:31       Slow Cooker; Lace and buttons ads
27:30      Aristotle Onasis selling to Myer Lansky story
30:59      Invasion Plants discussion
32:09      Shout out to our Patron Saint of audio gear
32:49      Homemade pop filters

Total runtime: 34:41

This episode of TMS was recorded at Sunset Studio by Liz and James, and edited at the Museum by Liz. TMS is produced by Liz and James. Recording equipment generously provided by Gerard. Images are the property of their owners.