It’s The Magazine Show!

Welcome to The Magazine Show blog— an audio-visual companion to the eponymous podcast. Here we share images from the magazines featured each week, plus show notes and credits for each episode. And you know, if we get a bee in our bonnet about something or other, we may just follow up here regarding questions left unanswered during recording.

What is The Magazine Show, you ask? Well, it’s a podcast in which we read snippets from another era. We read, in whole or in part, advertisements and stories from magazines of the 1940s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. The range of dates will be expanding as we make more new episodes. We already have some ace issues from later decades.


Follow along with us here as you listen to see loads of the ads and stories. Whether beautiful, shocking, or outlandish, they’re worth seeing! Follow and listen on SoundcloudiTunes, or right here, where you can listen and see the best of the ads and images from the magazines we read.

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